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TyopoytaORvelo System MOnitor

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Latest release is 0.18 - Get it now. :) Remember to read README and ChangeLog.

What is Torsmo?

Torsmo is a system monitor that sits in the corner of your desktop. It's very simple, customizable and it renders only text on the desktop (and percentagebars if you want it to ;) and the only lib it uses is Xlib.
Torsmo can show various information about your system and it's peripherals, including:

Please read the README for more details.


Maybe a screenshot explains it better? ;)

PiX's torsmo:

Torsmo 0.17 features, thanks RatiX for the shot:

Some new features in the new torsmorc.sample (missing batterymonitor):

The first release:

Where to get it?

Torsmo can be downloaded from our SourceForge project page
Torsmo is also in the Gentoo Portage.
Packages for Vector Linux can be found here. Thanks dibblethewrecker.
The latest devel-version can be downloaded from our CVS (module is 'torsmo').

Contact developers?

Bugreports about the program or the page? Comments? Questions? Ideas? Patches?
Mail hipo -at- users.sourceforge -dot- net (code) or b10nik -at- users.sourceforge -dot- net (web,design)

WTF does 'tyopoyta orvelo' mean?

Heh, Työpöytä means desktop in Finnish, and Örvelö is somekind of a strange animal :P
The name of the program was desktop örvelö before, so the name has just changed a little from the original name that Hipo invented ;)

Copyright (c) 2004, Hannu 'Hipo' Saransaari and Lauri 'BioNik' Hakkarainen. All rights reserved.
This program is licensed under BSD license